A*starz - Puppy Plans 2003: Devin + Topper
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This page was created & is maintained by A*starz Productions, last updated 06/28/2003

A*starz Fabulous Puppies
Have Arrived! 05/30/2003
5 pups! 3girls + 2boys

The Dam of the litter is our Devin-Sue:
Ch. BIm A*starz Cause For Applause (2001 HOAKC RWB)

The Sire of the litter is Topper:
Am/Can Ch. Markwright's Milestone, HOF*
#5 Show Keeshond for 2003 as of 5/31/03 by ShowSight Magazine
*Topper completed the requirements for KCA Hall Of Fame title

Pictured: Topper (left) and Devin (right)
This is a "first time" for both Devin and Topper...

1-2 days of age

9 days of age - 6/8/03

17 days of age - 6/16/03

3 weeks of age - 6/20/03

4 weeks of age - 6/27/03

5 weeks of age - 7/5/03

6 weeks of age - 7/13/03

7 weeks of age - 7/20/03

Temperament Test Results: 7-8 weeks of age - 7/20/03

For a weight chart, click here

Elton & Echo go to new homes!

Sire and dam are OFA'd clear of Hip Dysplasia, CERFd and Cardio Certifed by OFA.
Theme of the litter (for AKC names) will be Tom Cruise movies.
To view the Pedigree, click here....

Devin-Sue pictured above.....

Topper pictured above.....

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