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___[name of kennel]________ Keeshonden



This Sales Contract entered into this _(day)___ day of __(month)____, _(year)____ between __________ (hereinafter referred to as Seller and/or Breeder) and _____________________________ (hereinafter referred to as Buyer and/or Owner).

In consideration of the sum of $___(dollar amount in numbers)_____ (___dollar amount written out________) such being the purchase price and all mutual promises contained herein, Seller promises to and does hereby deliver and agree to transfer ownership of a purebred Keeshond female, currently known as "_(litter name of puppy)____", (hereinafter referred to as Dog) eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club. The Dog was whelped _(date of birth of the puppy)___________, sired by ____(AKC registered name and number of sire)______ out of __(AKC registered name and number of dam)___. The American Kennel Club (AKC) registration for the litter is ____(litter registration number here)____.

The Dog is sold as a companion and there will be no consideration for breeding. The Buyer agrees to have the Dog spayed/neutered before the Dog reaches the age of one year OR before the second heat cycle, if a female. An original, signed statement of the veterinarian that performed the spay/neuter operation will be sent to the Seller. Until that time, any offspring of the Dog, whether intentionally bred for or accidentally bred for, will not be registerable with any purebred dog club. Registration of the dog with the AKC will remain in the name of the Breeder until proof of spay/neuter is sent, as provided for in this paragraph. Some breeders use AKC Limited Registration here & that is ok.

The registered name of the Dog will be mutually agreed upon by both parties. The name will contain the Breeder's kennel name of "(kennel name here)". The name will conform to the theme names chosen by the Breeder for the litter. The Dog’s registered name will be mutually agreed upon by Buyer and Seller. The Dog will initially be registered with the AKC in the Breeder’s name. The individual registration fee (for American Kennel Club registration) will be paid by the Breeder and the transfer of the AKC registration fee will be paid for by the Owner upon receipt by the Seller of the veterinarian's statement of spay/neuter

The parties named in this contract further agree to these items:


  1. The Seller has provided the Buyer with her veterinarian's statement that the Dog is healthy at the time of sale. At the Buyer's discretion, the puppy may be taken to a vet of the Buyer's choosing within 3 (three) days of shipment or delivery. The Seller will be contacted immediately concerning any unusual conditions. The Seller will not be responsible for veterinarian charges without prior consent and unless it can be proven by the consensus of at least two Doctors of Veterinary Medicine that the condition was acquired while the Dog was still in the possession of the Breeder.
  2. The Owner will maintain the Dog at their residence and will be responsible for proper care, including routine veterinary vaccinations, nutritional needs and any other care necessary to the health of the Dog.
  3. The Owner agrees to raise the Dog in an environment of love and attention. The Dog will be handled in such a way as to instill trust in people.
  4. The Seller has given the Buyer hard copies of the health tests of the sire and dam of the Dog. This is in an effort to screen for potential breed genetic disorders. The Seller shall not be held liable for any condition the Dog may develop unless it can be proven in a court of law that the condition is purely from a genetic defect and not due to any environmental, rearing situation or accident, or due to vaccinations or systemics the Dog has been given in its lifetime. (This includes vaccinations, heartworm medication, flea control products, or anything prescribed by a veterinarian.). In the case that it is proven in a court of law the defect(s) is purely genetic, the Seller shall only be liable for a settlement not exceeding the original purchase price of the Dog noted on Page One of this contract.
  5. The Owner will take the puppy to Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Obedience classes at a local Kennel Club training center when the puppy is no younger than 3 (three) months of age and no older than 6 (six) months of age. The Owner is further encouraged to train the dog in obedience.
  6. The Buyer, realizing that Keeshonds have an average life span of 15 (fifteen) years, intend to keep this Dog as their beloved pet for it's lifetime.
  7. The Dog is not for resale or placement without written permission from the Seller. The Seller agrees to assist with placement should the Dog not be able to stay with the Buyer.
  8. The parties in this contract will notify each other in writing of an address change or telephone number change within two (2) weeks of such a change.


Any and all suits for the breech of, or enforcement of this contract will be brought in the county of (county name) in the state of (state name) and the laws of the state of (state name) shall apply.


The Buyer and Seller have thoroughly read and understand and agree to abide by this contract.


____________________________________________ _________________

Signature of Buyer Date

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Signature of Seller Date

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Witness for Buyer's Signature Date

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Witness for Seller's Signature Date


Last updated: 10/21/2003